Argan oil is receiving huge popularity all across the globe. Full of multiple overall health, hair, and skin benefits, Argan oil is truly a winning product naturally derived from Argan kernel. Originated from the rich soil of Morocco, there are many adulterated Argan Oils being sold these days by unreliable sources. 

However, consumers are not well aware of the features of authentic Argan oil and how it is manufactured. One must be fully aware of the characteristics of genuine Argan oil in order to avoid buying a dupe at an expensive price.  

Let us get into further details of how you can roughly identify whether the Argan oil you have been using is genuine or adulterated.  

Argan oil has a rich nutty taste as it has been extracted manually from well-roasted kernels while its counterpart will comparatively not be as rich in aroma and texture. 

Authentic Argan oil that is often referred to as “liquid gold” comes in a beautiful rich golden color while a fake product could be adulterated with added color to achieve the resemblance. 

If you’re looking for 100% genuine Argan oil then it is only produced with skilled and experienced labor in the land of Morocco. The geographical features such as temperature, climate, manufacture process etc all add up to the authenticity of the product.  

However, if you buy Argan oil that has been extracted from kernels cultivated elsewhere then it might not thoroughly match up to the standard of the genuine product. 

Characteristic Features Of 100% Genuine Argan Oil 

  1. Enriched with multivitamin benefits such as vitamin E ( antioxidant ), squalene, tocopherols etc.  
  2. Unfiltered/ semi-filtered Argan oil will have some sediments settled at the bottom. Do not be alarmed as these are the oil’s insoluble fraction such as fatty alcohols, carotenoids, and tocopherols which are beneficial for health. If there are no sediments then it only indicates that your oil could be authentic but it has gone through a rigorous filtration process. 
  3. Cosmetic Argan oil has a mild nutty aroma which will slowly decrease after application due to its quick absorbing nature into the skin.  
  4. Argan oil primarily used for skin and external uses ( cosmetic uses ) has a golden yellow color. 
  5. Liquid gold comes with an expiration. Undoubtedly, the shelf life is longer than other oils being sold in the market but when taken care of the storage properly, authentic Argan oil could last for 2-3 years.

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Culinary Argan Oil VS Cosmetic Argan Oil 

When taking genuine culinary Argan oil as well as cosmetic Argan oil into consideration there is a little bit of difference.  

Culinary Argan oil is very beneficial for internal health problem such as cholesterol. It has been naturally fortified with healthy fatty acids and not unhealthy ones. 

Culinary or cooking Argan oil is a bit golden brown in appearance while the cosmetic one is golden yellow.  

Argan Oil Manufacture And Storage  

Culinary Argan oil is produced by toasting the Argan kernels first and then followed by the grinding and oil extraction method.  

Argan oil is stored in a dark colored glass bottle to avoid any penetration of sunlight. To prevent loss of nutritional value and to extend the shelf life there are small tricks that you may do. It should be stored in airtight bottles and cool temperature.  

Do not leave it in hot and humid areas such as the bathroom. These small tricks will help you prolong the shelf life of your Argan oil and also prevent any further loss of vitamins and nutritional value.  

It is not only the production process that counts but also the way you store and the application methods that you use which will altogether add up to the effectiveness and value of the genuine product.  

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