A human hair fiber is composed of proteins, various bonds, and amino acid. Beautiful luscious hair immediately results in a better appearance. Hair care can be tricky and complicated as everybody has their own opinion. They are multiple suggestions on how one should exactly manage their hair and what are the products to be used. 

However, there are tons of supplements and products for hair but it’s not necessary that every single cosmetic product should serve you well. 

Using the wrong product just for an experiment could actually cost you a lot. Firstly, it’s going to get your expectations high and then disappoint you really bad. Secondly it could be expensive and lastly, it could even do some harm like disrupt the PH balance of your skin and scalp temporarily. 

Oiling For Hair 

I hear a lot of dermatologists speak up against oiling the hair. They argue that it is not good for the scalp and can clog your pores or lead to further complications. 

I am all for oiling. Traditionally oiling has been a part of hair care routine by a lot of women and I personally love oiling. The trick is to know how much oil you need to apply and for how long you need to keep it on the scalp. 

Usually, people with thin hair apply excessive oil which could possibly lead to clogging if your shampoo doesn’t remove every trace of it the next day during the hair wash. 

Argan Oil And It’s Hair Benefits 

The composition of Argan Oil has been proven to be miraculously beneficial for overall hair wellness. Argan Oil has a good potential to target and helps you get rid of a lot of hair problems such as dryness in the hair, unhealthy hair texture, hair loss, nutritional deficient scalp etc. 

The components present in Argan oil are: 


The antioxidants present in Argan oil help in boosting a healthy cell renewal that promote healthy hair growth. Any damaged, dry or rough scalp becomes nourished and “fertile”. 


Packed with 2 essential vitamins- E and A that are considered to be amazing for the hair and skin. Vitamin E is anti-oxidant that helps in repairing the damaged cells( if any )and renewing them while vitamin A has been claimed to be useful in treating hair loss. 

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This natural compound is usually found in plant-based sources such as wheat-germ, rice bran, and even olives. Besides all of these sources, it’s also found in Argan kernels. In short Argan oil is richly packed with squalene that promotes hair growth. 

A lot of chemical cosmetics products are artificially fortified with squalene as it has innumerable hair benefits and the cosmetic industry is well aware of this fact. 

In short, Argan oil is one of the best, natural providers of this super compound. 

Fatty Acids

Nuts and seeds are a good source of fatty acids. Our body isn’t capable of producing omega-6 fatty acid on its own. This is one reason why we are all recommended to eat plenty of walnuts, pumpkin seeds and all the other dry fruits you could possibly think of. 

Argan Oil is a naturally fortified with Omega-6 fatty acid which plays a huge role in maintaining the hair. 

Collectively when a natural component of an oil is healthy in every aspect there are hundred percent chances of promoting and growing better hair than ever before. Small fragments of vitamins and minerals when present together in the same product work well with each other to bring out the best for your hair. 

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Does Argan Oil Help Hair - Best Seller Of The Week - arganoilhelp.com 

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