Our skin is tender and deserves a similar care routine. The skin is the largest organ and yet the most sensitive. It needs a regular cleansing regime to maintain a healthy skin balance. Today we are going to discuss the real damages the sun could cause us and how you can protect your skin from it. 

Tanning: Tanned bodies look hot and gorgeous but it’s not just about skin tanning here. Tanning can damage the skin to some extent as the skin gets exposed to the sun for a longer duration and thus gets tanned. Tanning or darkening if our color is not even a problem really, it is just all about the after effects due to tanning. 

Aging: Our skin ages when exposing ourselves to the sun for long hours. The free radicals in our skin make the skin look older than usual. 

Pigmentation: Prolonged exposure to the sun can make our skin susceptible to pigmentation. Many people have pigmentation around the mouth and cheek area. Exposure to the sun will just enhance these areas. 

What Is Tanning? 

Obviously, sunlight is healthy for the skin and plays important functions. Sunlight is good for the skin when received in early mornings. It does not need to be too bright or hot. Accept sunlight that is not too harsh. Another important thing is to wear a sunscreen every day. Just because it is cloudy does not mean it can’t damage the skin. The UVA and UVB rays are always present irrespective of a cloudy weather. A lot of people have a misconception that there is no need for sunscreen on such days. Also one more common mistake is to only recognize tanning as the biggest drawback of the sun. That is not true. Tanning is not the only problem. Congested pores due to oily skin, aging because of free radicals, hyperpigmentation is all some of the problems caused due to the sun. Tanning is just as much of a problem as these things. 

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Argan Oil For Tanned Skin 

Excessively Tanned skin is an evidence for the sunburnt, red or damaged skin. Excessive sunlight can spike up the inflammation in our sensitive areas. In fact, acne-prone and sensitive skin could react even worse to tanning or sunburns. Argan oil that is more popularly known as “liquid gold” works wonders on tanning or sun damaged skin. It is a slow yet natural and effective process. Natural things take time to work on our body since they start working right from the roots of a problem. The many benefits of Argan oil for tanned skin are listed as below 

  • Argan oil has anti-oxidants. For an aging skin, it can be effective to have a daily light facial massage with Argan oil since it contains antioxidants and helps in a process called reverse aging. 
  • It is packed with anti-inflammatory properties. Do you suffer from any signs of inflammation such as redness or sunburns? Application of liquid gold can reverse it to some extent by soothing the skin and repairing it steadily. 
  • Argan oil has lightening properties. This could be effective for any pigmentation caused on the face. 

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Argan Oil For Tanning - Best Seller Of The Week - arganoilhelp.com

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