Until now everybody has heard about “Argan Oil” as it is being said and written over and over on the internet. Argan oil received huge popularity on the internet in the past year due to its amazing health benefits. 

Argan oil is originally from Morocco and is considered to be extremely good not just for the external beauty and skin but also the internal fitness of our body. Fondly also known as “liquid gold” Argan oil is a very elusive beauty secret and widely used for household uses as well.

The question that arises is whether this oil is really worth the hype and so as to why is it so popular all over the internet? Is it worth the price you pay?

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Argan Oil Ingredients 

Let us get familiar with the content of Argan Oil to know more about its health benefits and so as to why it is globally one of the most recommended oils by many people. 


Argan oil is naturally fortified with antioxidants and it has a rich content of antioxidants. Your skin needs a good supply of antioxidants to fight the aging of the skin cells. Antioxidants boost the healthy growth of skin cells and fight the free radicals in the skin. This, in turn, helps your skin with preserving its beauty. 

Fatty Acids 

Our body needs the right kind of fatty acids to maintain good overall body health. Saturated fats found in non-vegetarian foods such as meat and seafood are highly harmful for health and can lead to heart problems. Thus, Argan oil is a good source of omega which is just perfect to maintain overall health. 


Squalene is a polyunsaturated hydrocarbon liquid that is naturally produced by your skin.  It functions very much like Vitamin E, acting as an important antioxidant, protecting against free radical damage. It helps in preventing the breakdown of your skin’s natural collagen and elastin, which is what keeps your skin to look firm and youthful. 

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Argan oil contains high levels of polyphenols, which fight sun damage and aging with good UV protection. They also help promote skin repair with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and free-radical fighting properties. 

Triterpene Alcohols 

These are noted for their potent anti-inflammatory action. Studies show that they act as an anti-inflammatory when applied topically. 

This may well be another reason why argan oil is known to be so effective for healing a variety of skin conditions including skin inflammation, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 


Sterols help prevent skin aging by promoting moisture retention as well as optimizing the function of the skin barrier. 

Hence, they protect your skin against aging by holding in the moisture making the skin supple and soft. 

Sterols are important for healthy skin because they mimic the effects of cholesterol on the skin, and cholesterol is an important part of the skin’s epidermal layer and contributes to overall skin health. 

Argan Oil has multiple skins and health benefits due to its amazing content. It is highly beneficial, especially for maintaining your beauty. 

Hence proved that it is definitely worth the hype and popularity all over the world as a super beauty ingredient. 

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Now that you know the content of this oil, you might want to think twice before thinking negative about this oil. It is called “Liquid Gold” for a reason, and the cost is not one of them. The benefits that you get by using this oil is immense and if you start using it, you will never look back.

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Argan Oil Ingredients
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