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While talking about beauty, olive oil has been used since ancient times for overall beauty. But since Argan Oil has been introduced, it is claimed to be proving more eminent in every manner than Olive Oil such as health manner, beauty manner, etc. Olive Oil vs Argan Oil which oil is better?

Olive Oil and Argan Oil has many common properties but Argan Oil has more worth-experiencing properties that give you a bouquet of benefits than Olive Oil. 

Let’s learn about both the oils in depth. 

What Is Olive Oil? 

Olive Oil is obtained by pressing the fruit called Olea Europaea. This fruit is found in the Mediterranean basin. It contains essential fatty acids, saturated fats, oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic acids. These are used as a remedy for skin, hair and health problems. Olive Oil is also used as a remedy for many diseases such as heart problems, high cholesterol problems, liver problems, obesity, etc. This oil is used for various benefits: 

For skin: This Oil is useful for moisturizing skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles that causes aging, treats cracked heels, etc. It is also used as a substitute for the shaving cream. 

For hair: Olive Oil helps to treat dandruff, moisturizes the hair and scalp and also promotes hair growth. It is full of Vitamin E, still less than that of Argan Oil, but helps to solve all the problems related to hair. 

For nails: This oil helps to treat dry and brittle nails by providing them deep nourishment. Olive Oil contains Vitamin E and C that is useful for improving nail texture. 

Now, let’s know about what Argan Oil gives more than this Olive Oil. 

What Is Argan Oil? 

Argan Oil is extracted from the forests of Southwestern Morocco and this oil is full of essential properties that have lit the beauty industry. The oil consists of essential fatty acids in high quantities, Vitamins E and A, and many other essential minerals. Argan Oil helps to treat acne, scars, pimples, moisturizes skin, scalp, nails, and cuticles, improves the overall beauty of a person. It is also known as ‘Anti-aging’ solution. 


For skin: This oil contains anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties that help to treat acne, scars and Vitamins hydrates the skin deeply. The oil is useful for all skin problems such as minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, stretch marks, etc. and provides even tone, elasticity, and radiant skin texture. It solves every skin problem even Eczema. 

For hairArgan Oil is useful for promoting hair growth by moisturizing the scalp being rich in Vitamins and minerals. It helps to treat dandruff, split ends and softens your hair. The essential fatty acids present in this oil are helpful in gaining the hair elasticity. 

For nails: This oil helps to improve the nail texture and structure. It also hydrates the cuticles and the skin nearby. This helps the broken and brittle nails to gain a beautiful structure. 

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Argan Oil Or Olive Oil? 

Enough of debate on Olive Oil vs Argan Oil. After reading this article you must have got the answer to the question. Both the oils contain the same components only the thing is that they differ in quantities. Argan Oil contains each component like fatty acids, linoleic, stearic, palmitic acids in greater amounts. Also, Argan Oil is richer in Vitamin E than Olive Oil and hence both the oils are undoubtedly essential and both of them give the same benefits. What varies is just the amount of benefits that are given by them. If both the oils are placed together, Argan oil wins as it has more quantities of each component.   



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