Beautiful Skin Requires Commitment, Not A Miracle. 

When it comes to beauty and essential oils that for beautiful skin “Argan Oil” and “Rosehip Oil” are considered to be gaining more and more adulation and marketability. The beauty industry has considered these two oils to be the heart of their industry. But often, there are many searches and questions by the people regarding which oil is better for the skin. What properties make them different? Also, which oil benefits the most?  

Let’s learn about them in detail. 

What Is Argan Oil? 

Argan Oil’ also known as ‘liquid gold’ is extracted from the Argan trees that are found in the Southwestern forests of Morocco. There are many properties and benefits that Argan Oil provides as it is used for ages as a solution to all problems that hinder one’s beauty.  

Argan Oil is proved eminent in moisturizing skin, stimulating hair growth, improving nail texture, remedy for acne, etc. It contains those essential fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, Vitamin E and Vitamin A and is also rich in anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. 

This oil is also termed as ‘Anti-aging’ solution. It helps to fight wrinkles, dark spots, stretch marks and helps in improving the skin texture by gaining its elasticity.  

Let’s study how it works for different problems: 

  • For Skin:

This oil is helpful for restoring the skin elasticity and hydrating and improving the overall texture of the skin. It helps to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, stretch marks, acne, and scars and is fruitful for refreshing and rejuvenating the skin. 

People with acne problems should take the highest benefit of this oil. 

  • For Hair:

This oil is proved eminent in stimulating hair growth. It contains all those natural components that are beneficial for your hair follicles and helps you not only have high volume but also thick and shiny hair. 

  • For Nails:

It helps to improve the nail texture and hydrates the cuticles and the area around the skin. Also, its anti-inflammatory properties help you to avoid any fungal infection in the area. 

What Is Rosehip Oil? 

Rosehip Oil is extracted from the fruit that leaves behind after the flower has blossomed and the petals have fallen off. This oil is orangish in color and is fragrance-free. Rosehip Oil has all essential fatty acids, lycopene, antioxidants, linoleic and linolenic acids, Vitamin A and E. this oil helps to produce more collagen and elastin and stimulates cell turnover. It is useful to reduce scars, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, hydrate skin, etc.  

It serves as the best anti-aging solution. 

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Benefits Of Rosehip oil?

  • For Skin:

This oil helps to reduce scars, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, etc. It is full of Vitamin C and hence this oil is used as an anti-aging solution. The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties and is used for protection against the sun. 

  • For Hair:

Rosehip Oil contains such enliven ingredients such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C that triggers the collagen production and is also used as hair loss aid. It helps to renew and heal the hair follicles and promote thick and voluminous hair growth. Massage this oil for 30 minutes before shampooing for best results. 

  • For Nails:

This oil helps to heal the unwanted hanging nails. It also renders healthy and shiny nails by hydrating the nails and cuticles. 

Argan Oil or Rosehip Oil? 

Argan Oil and Rosehip Oil both contain essential fatty acids and other properties that increase the worth of that oil. But the uses of this oil depend on the choice of the consumer.  

For as Argan Oil is proved best for the people having acne problems whereas Rosehip Oil is proved best as ‘Anti-aging solution’. Though, both the oils render anti-aging properties but Rosehip Oil is not recommended for the acne prone people. 

Thus, both the oils are different in their composition and deliver different properties, hence, the oil should be chosen as per your problem. 

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