Castor oil vs Coconut oil which oil is better? Both the oils are good for skin problems and hair. They are rich in minerals and fatty acids.

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Castor oil Vs Coconut oil

You must have definitely tried out one of these two oils till now. Thought these oils have a lot in common, there are few properties which differentiate the two. Let us know more about them in detail.

What Is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is as you know is a vegetable oil which is extracted from castor beans. It has a lot of medicinal properties as it contains 14 fatty acids. This oil is rich in vitamins and minerals as it has a high density of vitamin E and omega 6. All these are very beneficial for the skin and hair. It also has a lot of antibacterial and antifungal properties thus used in the production of medicines. Nowadays used in a lot of natural beauty products.

The very common benefits that castor oil has are as follows:

Castor Oil As Moisturizer

Castor oil has a lot of moisturizing properties as it contains 14 fatty acids. It is good for your skin as it helps you soothe skin and keep it hydrated. This oil is very thick in its consistency which protects hair from the damage giving you frizz-free hair. Therefore it is used in a lot of natural beauty products.

Castor Oil Anti-inflammatory And Antibacterial Properties

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which helps fight bacteria and fungus. It also reduces inflammation on the skin which is a main cause for the acne. Vitamin E and omega acids have been proved beneficial to solve problems related to the skin like acne and wrinkles.

Castor Oil Nourishes Your Hair And Scalp

It has been very effective for the nourishment of hair. Your hair can grow stronger and thicker if you use castor oil daily. Can solve problems related to dandruff as it penetrates deep into the roots of the skin. Treats flaky scalp and also moisturizes the scalp. It is also responsible for making your hair glossy and shiny.

Know All About Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, on the other hand, has a lot of uses. It is commonly used in many households for a variety of purposes.  People have been using coconut oil in cooking as it is good for health. This oil has been widely used to solve a lot of skin problems. It is cold-pressed oil which is extracted from the coconut fruit.  Some people also prefer to heat it and store the oil which increases its PH levels.

There are a lot of benefits of coconut oil and they are as follows:

Coconut Oil Strengthens Hair And Helps Fight Hair Problems-

Since years people have been using coconut oil for their hair. It has a lot of antibacterial properties it is used to cure problems related to the hair like dandruff, lice and damaged hair. People usually massage coconut oil into the hair as it strengthens hair cuticles and prevents hair fall. It also helps boost blood circulation on the scalp due to massage.

Coconut Oil Trusted Moisturizer

Coconut oil is used as a moisturizer by a lot of people. Problems like frizzy hair split ends, hair breakage is solved due to its highly moisturizing abilities. People tend to use coconut oil during winters for their skin. But since coconut oil is has a rating of 3 on the Comodegenic scale, it may cause clogging of pores and result in acne breakouts.

Coconut Oil Is Widely Used For Consumption

Many people for years have been using coconut oil for cooking. It is also recommended to consume it directly in small proportion as it acts as a lubricant in your internal organs. It saves one from heart diseases and controls the HDL cholesterol levels which are the main cause of heart diseases.

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Coconut Oil Cures Wounds And Heals Them Quickly-

Ever wondered why people in ancient times used to apply coconut oil directly on wounds? This is due to its antibacterial properties which kill bacteria and helps cure infections. It repairs the skin and keeps the area damaged well moisturized.

Coconut Oil Helps in Weight Loss

The fatty acids present in coconut oil reduces your appetite and hunger. This leads to weight loss. It helps you burn fat and thereby increases brain activity.

All the above factors will help you differentiate between the two oils. Though you can make your choice based on the purpose attached to your problem.

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