What Is The Difference Between Castor Oil And Jojoba Oil?

What are the factors which help us make the difference between the two? The purpose and benefits offered by both may differ. But both are very natural and safe to be used on the skin. Before we could know about the differences between the two let’s know more in detail about them.

What Is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds of  Simmondsia Chinensis. This plant is found natively in Arizona, Southern California, and northwestern Mexico.

It has a lot of cosmetic uses and is commonly found in moisturizers and lotions. Jojoba oil is directly applied to the skin for acne or other skin problems.

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Benefits Of Jojoba Oil

There are numerous benefits of Jojoba oil and they are listed below:

Moisturizes The Skin-

It has a high amount of ceramides which hydrate the skin cells making your skin soft and supple. It has an amazing quality of getting quickly absorbed into the skin. This protects the skin from any kind of external infections, dust, and pollution.

Treats Skin Problems-

This oil is proven to cure skin related problems like eczema. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the oil reduces the redness in the skin. It is recommended to use jojoba oil on acne by applying it twice a day.

Removes Suntan-

Due to its high antioxidants properties, it helps cure suntan. It repairs the skin and removes the redness caused due to suntan. The wax-like coating of the oil acts as a shield and protects the skin from external damages and breakages.

Make Those Razor Burns Vanish In No Time-

It has been used to clear those razor burns occurred while shaving. People prefer to apply it after shaving to prevent razor burns. This oil moisturizes your skin and gives you a proper aftershave look.

Effective In Reducing The Under Eye Dark Spots-

Massaging jojoba oil under the eyes has been proven to cure the dark spots. It improves your skin tone giving you a fresh look.

Hair And Scalp

Jojoba oil has some deep conditioning properties which help in protecting damaged hair. It can also treat the problems caused due to the dry scalp like dandruff. Using jojoba oil regularly can help you get a clean and dry scalp.

All of the above are the benefits of jojoba oil. Apart from its cosmetic properties of treating skin and hair problems it also has a lot of uses.

Know More About Castor Oil

Castor oil is produced from cold-pressed castor beans. It was initially found in Africa but now is used widely across the whole world. There are two types of castor oil – The yellow-colored castor oil and the Jamaican black castor oil both are very effective for hair and skin problems.

They only differ in the processing and the method by how it is made. It is rich in vitamins and has 14 fatty acids which offer a huge variety of benefits.

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Benefits Of Castor Oil

Few of the benefits of castor oil are as follows:

A Great Moisturizer:

Castor oil has high moisturizing abilities which help to solve skin problems. Therefore it is used in lotions and moisturizers due to great moisturizing properties.

Treats Acne And Wrinkles-

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps treat acne. Inflammation is the major cause of acne and it irritates the skin. This oil helps reduce the irritation caused to the skin and decreases the redness.

Get Strong And Shiny Hair-

This oil repairs hair damages and controls hair fall. It has an amazing ability to get absorbed into the skin of the head which makes hair stronger. Its moisturizing properties gives shiny and manageable hair.

All these traits of castor oil can be brought to use in many other ways. Individually both have their specific benefits. You can make your choices and preferences according to your purpose.


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