A dry, rough and itchy scalp is a huge turn-off and highly unattractive. Besides all these things it even causes further skin and scalp issues that could lead to a significant hair loss or skin condition. Our scalp needs proper care and nourishment to promote a complete healthy hair growth. 

Without proper nourishment, it gets hard for the hair to grow in healthy conditions. Oiling is a necessary part of hair routine as it works as a natural conditioner. Argan oil is a very beneficial Moroccan oil full of benefits that not only promotes fuller hair growth but also gets rid of any scalp related problems. 

In common cases that we come across in our day to day lives, it’s observed that dandruff increases and becomes more potent with more dryness in the scalp and delay in a proper care. Argan oil for this matter can be very healing as it will nourish the scalp well keeping it hydrated. 


The antioxidants present abundantly in Argan oil boost the blood circulation and also contribute to promoting a healthy cell renewal. It significantly works in repairing any previously damaged cells responsible for maintaining the hair and skin. 

Vitamin E

This essential vitamin repairs damaged and dry hair by providing the necessary nourishment. This property targets your dry and flaky scalp by completely nourishing it giving it a better space to recover. 


One of the primary benefits of Argan Oil is the anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes any irritated or inflamed skin. A dry scalp that breeds dandruff is very prone to get irritated and itchy. Vitamin E that’s abundant in Argan oil is a common remedy for mild inflammation. 

Fatty Acids

Fatty acid plays a vital role in protecting your scalp, skin, and hair as well as enriching your skin and hair cells. Deficiency in fatty acids could be one of the causes of the dry and malnourished scalp. Argan Oil is full of omega 6 fatty acids that are found mostly in a few nutty and plant-based food. 

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Treatments For Dandruff 

It is necessary for chronic or old dandruff condition that has prevailed for a long time to be treated under an expert’s advice. 

However, if you do not suffer from dandruff that has lasted more than months then there are a few home remedies you can try. These DIY home remedies will help you get visible results in just 2 times and also the results get better until your problem is thorough cures with a more prolonged and frequent usage. 

Home Remedy No.1

Take 2 tbsps. of Argan oil and mix it with 1 tsp of camphor powder. Apply this on to the scalp before sleeping. Take the oil on your fingertips and massage it in circular motions for not more than half a minute at once. 

This boosts the blood circulation and allows the mixture to get absorbed better. Try this no more than twice a week every time before you go off to sleep followed by washing your hair the next morning and you’ll see reduced inflammation in the scalp and lesser dandruff every time. 

Home Remedy No.2

Take 3 tbsps. of natural Argan oil and mix it well with 1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice. 

Apply this on the scalp and leave it as it is for around 3 hours. The lemon will help you heal dandruff while the oil seeps deep inside to heal the scalp. 

Wash off the hair gently with a shampoo and make sure you remove any traces of oil. This application may cause gentle stinging in the scalp but please do not itch the scalp as it could worsen the situation and burn the affected skin. 

Use this as a pre-head bath conditioner every time 3 hours prior to your wash. This might take some time compared to the products available in the market but it will work. 

When are you going to try these remedies? Let us know in the comments below! 

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