Acne is a sign of wounded skin. Have you ever given a deeper thought about what exactly acne is and how it is caused? A lot of people have knowledge about acne, however, it is only limited to the surface area. Most of the times we fail to see beyond that. 

Acne is caused due to a thousand reasons and all these reasons could vary from a person to another person depending a lot on their distinctive hereditary or lifestyle facts. 

Acne is basically a wound on our skin which leaves behind its scars in the form of blemishes, pits, open pores, etc. 

Some acne can be cured at home while cystic and recurring acne could need an experts advice. Considering the several different treatments for acne there are different approaches to home remedies, prescribed medicines, and products. 

Facial oil is one such hidden key product that may cure or prevent acne if used with the proper application method. 

How Can Oil Benefit Acne Treatment? 

We all follow a cleansing regime that commonly consists of cleansing/exfoliation, toning and then moisturization. You may replace your regular cream moisturizer for a facial oil and utilize only 1 to 2 drops spreading it all over the palm and pressing the palm all over the face. 

The most common cause leading to acne is bacteria and loss of hydration. Your skin’s mechanism is defensive in nature. Your skin produces oil and sebum to maintain healthy moisture. 

These naturally produced oils along with your daily water intake work together to maintain the skin’s hydration. If you’re not drinking enough water obviously your skin isn’t able to retain sufficient moisture and so to make it to the low levels of hydration the skin produces more oil than usual to hydrate itself. 

The trick here is simple. You just have to boost your hydration level by drinking plenty of water and by using a facial oil. 

When you apply a facial oil externally that particularly targets your skin concern then the skin naturally produces much lesser sebum thinking that there is already sufficient hydration provided by plenty intake of water and application of facial oil. 

This not only keeps your skin hydrated but also results in lesser sebum production which in turns may benefit in blocking acne-causing bacterial activity on the skin. 

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Argan Oil For Acne 

We’re convinced that oiling can’t be as bad for the skin as we always imagined it to be. Let’s learn further about why is Argan oil good for acne-prone skin. 

Get Vitamin E: Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E that helps with renewing the old damaged skin cells. Due to abundant antioxidants, it is one of the best components you could apply to your skin as antioxidants protect your skin from free radicals and oxidization. 

Optimize Sebum Production: A mild topical application of Argan facial oil onto the skin will even regulate the sebum production and so there will be lesser chances of acne or skin congestion. 

Exfoliation: Poly-phenols in the Argan oil will act as a mild exfoliator helping you get rid of dead cells that clog pores and result in a bacterial sebaceous growth all over the face. Acne prone skin is sensitive towards harsh exfoliation and hence, physical exfoliators can be too rough at times. 

Cleanse And Rejuvenate: Argan Oil is both rich in oleic and linoleic acid. Oleic acid works as an emulsifier and thus it cleanses your skin while linoleic acid is superb for skin that’s prone to inflammation. Just like Argan oil, even Olive is content with all these benefits however Olive oil is greasy for the facial application while Argan oil is much lighter. 

If your skin is prone to breakouts then you must try Argan Oil and do share your experience with us! 

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