Shea Butter:

The fat extracted from the African shea tree is known as shea butter. The raw butter or the extract looks yellow in color which is exactly extracted from the nut of shea tree. After many processes, the yellow raw butter changes into white in color. It is widely used as a cosmetic product, as well as edible and used in food preparations.

The word shea came from the English word “Bambara”. This shea tree grows naturally in the wild habitat. It is majorly found in the savannah belt of West Africa.

It is widely available in Africa around 21 countries. The shea butter production was first found in the 14th century. It helps in melting the body temperature, maintaining the moisturizer of the skin, maintaining the glow of the skin, etc.

It naturally contains smoothening and moisturizing products which will help to treat another disease also. Shea butter is widely used in cosmetic which has four compositions of the shea nut which is required for cosmetics which are listed below:

  • Free fatty acids (FFA) which are presently less than 6%
  • Moisture Content, present less than 7%
  • Oil content in this is more than 45%  and
  • Latex is present from 4% to 10%

The oil content is the most crucial element of the shea nut. Shea tree is also known as Karite tree.

This butter is filled with nutrients which is very useful to treat many skin problems. The nuts of the Karite tree are firstly crushed and boiled.

They are further manipulated to extract white colored fat which is known as shea butter.

The Main Components Of Shea Butter:

  • Oleic acid – 40% to 60%
  • Stearic acid – 20% to 50%
  • Linoleic acid -10% (approximately)
  • Palmitic acid -2 % to 9%
  • Linolenic acid – less than 1% and
  • Arachidic acid – less than 1%.

These are some of the fatty acids present in shea butter.

Clog Pores:

The result of dead skin which should shed in the environment, getting trapped in your skin causes Clogged pores.

The tiny opening which helps your skin to release the oil, sweat and dead skins are known as pores. Acne, blackheads, whitehead are caused because of this pores which are clogged.

They can make your skin dull and tired. They are not only caused by the trapped dead skins even dirt, excess oil which are blocked can also cause clogged pores.

Causes Of Clogged Pores:

There are several numbers of reasons behind it. It is so usual and normal to have clogged pores. Some of the reasons behind this pores are listed below:

  1. Oily skin
  2. Dead and dry skin cells which settle on your face itself.
  3. Improper care of your skin.
  4. Improper way of washing your face and cleansing your face.
  5. Dirty, unclean workplace or environment.
  6. Hormonal changes and hormonal imbalance.
  7. Heredity and genetics can also be one of the reason.
  8. Eating or doing something which is allergic to your skin. Even using cosmetics which won’t suit your skin can cause clogged pores.
  9. An excessive amount of makeup. Wearing makeup for a long time and even wearing makeup during your bedtime.
  10. High sugar diet.

There is no fixed age for skin pores to occur. But they are more likely to appear during your puberty time, pregnancy time, your early 30s and even during your menopause time.

How Shea Butter Will Help Your Skin:

Shea butter will help you to improve your skin and also helps to fight against acne. Shea butter has a real benefit on acne and oily skin.

Use this shea butter regularly on your face as a moisturizer and it can give you amazing results. It provides your skin moisture and helps to treat your acne as well as by protecting your skin from clogged pores.

The major benefit of shea butter is that it does not leave a greasy residue like another moisturizer on your face making your face looks more oily.

Your skin absorbs it very quickly and it won’t leave a greasy residue. This not only provides moisture to your skin and protect you from dry skin it also helps to restore the elasticity of your skin.

It is not only good for your skin but also it is good for your scalp too. It helps to protect your scalp from getting greasy.

Stretch marks which are caused during pregnancy can be treated by shea butter. High level of vitamin A and E contains makes this butter more essential.

They help to nourish your skin from deep level and keep your skin clean and healthy. It can also be used to treat minor burns as first aid. For Removal of scars and sunburns, shea butter can be a very good option.


If you still have a question that does shea butter clog pores, the answer is yet to find. However, They help to protect your skin from clogged pores but they don’t clog pores. They help to improve your skin as well your skin tone. It is only beneficial for your skin.

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