Essential Oils To Your Rescue!

What Are Essential Oils?

In today’s world where everyone is concerned about their appearance and looks, essential oils have really become an essential thing! People have been using these oils for thousands of years now. The reason being that these oils serve as a multipurpose tool to tackle a variety of problems. The oils extracted from natural sources not only help you to maintain healthy skin but can be used for various other purposes too. May it be beauty or culinary, health and medicinal or sanitation, these oils have proven to be useful in almost all aspects.  Let us now look at the types and benefits of essential oils one by one.

Types Of Essential Oils :

  1. Lavender essential oil
  2. Clove oil
  3. Lemon essential oil
  4. Eucalyptus essential oil
  5. Rosemary oil
  6. Orange essential oil
  7. Oregano oil

Benefits of Essential Oils

  • Do you suffer from insomnia? Are you too stressed out due to work pressure? Then lavender oil is the solution for you. Lavender oil can be used as an antidepressant to cure various problems like stress and depression. You can also get rid of insect bites and itching by using this oil.
  • The most common use of clove oil is to cure toothaches. It has certain pain relieving properties that can be used to cure dental problems as well as cold sores.
  • Kick out oily hair by massaging some lemon oil to your scalp. The oil can be used to prevent fevers and infections too.
  • Eucalyptus oil has been used since ages to get rid of ticks in hair. It can also be used as an insect repellent or to improve blood circulation to the brain.
  • The next time you are struck with a fever make sure you rub some eucalyptus oil on your body to quickly get the fever down.
  • Studies have shown that rosemary oil has certain anti-cancer properties. The oil can also be used to maintain a calm and relaxed mind and to avoid stress.
  • Certain anti-aging properties of oregano oil is what makes the oil so desirable.
  • The next time your bathroom singing gets hindered due to a sore throat, don’t forget to add a few drops of oregano oil and gargle.
  • Since oranges contain Vitamin C, using the orange oil extracted from them will make sure that you get your daily dose of the vitamin.
  • Orange oil can come to your rescue when you are suffering from mouth ulcers or have an infected wound.
  • All the essential oils can be used for maintaining the balance of hormones in your body. The oils can be used to control thyroid and estrogen levels.
  • Conditions like PCOS and infertility can also be treated with these oils.

 So girls, next time you are PMSing, these essential oils can come to your rescue! Make sure you make best out of the benefits of essential oils 

Risks and Precautions: 

Now you are known about the benefits of essential oils. There are also some risks associated with using these oils. 

  1. Though these oils are all natural, the concentration of certain ingredients is quite high. Too much usage of the oils may lead to photosensitivity causing sunburns.
  2. Before heading to the beach ensure that you don’t have any of these oils on your body. Otherwise, you will end up getting a sunburn instead of a tan!
  3. Pregnant women should only use these oils after proper consultation from the doctor as the oils may have negative impacts on the baby.
  4. Keep these oils out of reach of children and your four-legged friends.


Today, health services and hospital charges have become too expensive. In this case, you can surely rely on essential oils for keeping your physical and mental health up to the mark. But remember there is a limit to everything. Don’t get so carried away by the benefits that you ignore the risks involved. Too much of anything is harmful. So make sure you only use the specified amount of these oils to get the best out of them. Don’t hesitate to consult a doctor if you have any doubts.

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