Can Essential Oils Help You Get Rid Of Colds?

You must have observed our elders using oils like eucalyptus or cinnamon for treating colds.

As these oils have a high amount of antibacterial properties which fights bacteria and prevents diseases. The common cold is something a person suffers occasionally in his life. So one cannot go to the doctor every time for such petty reasons. Thus opting for home remedies to treat such ailments like the common cold is essential.

Scientific research shows that a common cold can be treated with the help of essential oils. Medicines like nasal sprays contain these essential oils in them too to treat cold. Some essential oils which can help treat cold are as follows:

Uses Of Essential Oils For Cold:

Eucalyptus Essential Oil-

This oil has a lot of antibacterial properties which helps fights infections. It is also anti-inflammatory which helps reduce the swelling near the nose area. This helps improve breathing and clear the congestion in the nasal tract. Eucalyptus oil also has a refreshing scent and a very strong aroma. This can help you get rid of the headaches caused due to cold.

Uses- Adding a few drops of oil to the water and taking steam will help you.

Lemongrass Essential Oil-

This oil has a very soothing and refreshing aroma. It can help you get rid of a headache and eliminate fatigue. Lemongrass can also stimulate your immune system. It can also cure fever caused due to cold.

Uses: Adding a few drops of lemon oil on a piece of cloth and inhaling it can help you. A diffuser can also be used to get rid of cold with lemongrass essential oil.

Peppermint Essential Oil-

Peppermint has menthol present in it which has cooling effects. Its refreshing aroma has calming effects. The peppermint oil has the ability to stimulate the respiratory and digestive system. It has anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce inflammation.

Uses: Peppermint oil can be inhaled directly or with the use of an air diffuser. Diluting the oil with water and taking the steam.

Ginger Essential Oil-

Ginger is proved to have numerous medicinal properties. It has stimulating effects on the mind as well as on the respiratory system. The ginger essential oil has a very strong aroma which can cure headache. It is also a bacterial analgesic which can cure fever caused due to cold.

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Cinnamon Essential Oil-

Popularly known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. This helps fight germs and virus causing cold. It also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties too which can clear nasal tract.

The cinnamon oil can regulate blood circulation which decreases the issues like fatigue. It cuts down the mucus and can clear sore throat, People suffer from the sore throat when the excess mucus goes back to the throat.

Uses: Do not consume it directly adding a few drops to hot water and drinking it can be helpful.

Applying it on the swelling around your nose by mixing it with coconut oil with the help of a cotton pad can be helpful.

Tea Tree Oil:

This oil is renown for its antibacterial properties. Thus used to treat skin diseases. It can soothe a sore throat and also reduce congestion. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can clear the respiratory tract and swelling. This helps improve breathing. Its aroma can treat headaches and calm down your mind.

Uses: Diluting a few drops of tea tree oil with jojoba oil and apply it on the affected area. This will help you get rid of inflammation.

All the above-mentioned oils are very beneficial in treating colds at home. It is a very safe and natural method to get rid of cold at home.

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