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Essential oils have become the talk of the town lately because of their widespread properties. We often stumble upon various Instagram posts where beauty bloggers are trying to experiment with such oils and it definitely catches our attention.

Whether or not you are a beauty blogger or a beauty expert, having clear skin is everyone’s obsession these days.

What is making these oils so famous? Why are they used widely right from treating a blocked nose to curing anxiety issues? The answers vary, so do the uses and benefits of essential oils. Curiosity has lead to the right place. We are here to solve all your queries about essential oils. And we hope that after reading this article, you will be able to grasp enough information.

You could even call yourself a Beauty Expert in Essential Oils after you finish reading. Sounds exciting, right?

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the oils that are extracted from various parts of plants. Several plants and different parts of theirs are treated in order to get oils which has a number of benefits.

These oils are hydrophilic or hydrophobic in nature. They contain chemical compounds that are naturally beneficial for you. Some of these oils benefit the skin so that you can get a glowing look. Some oils prevent the skin from getting clogged. They also have the potential to benefit various internal as well as external parts of the body.

For instance, Argan Oil and Coconut oil can be used to prevent the hair from getting damaged. They also maintain hair health and accelerate hair follicular production. Another example is Eucalyptus or Clove Oil which can be used to treat the flu and cure sore throats.

Why Are These Essential Oils Used?

As we have mentioned above, different oils benefit parts of the body. Hence they are used for multiple reasons depending on the properties they possess. Not only do they have the potential to cure a condition, but they can also be used to treat other disorders as well. Told ya, once you get familiar with essential oils, you won’t even have to perform those expensive cosmetic treatments on yourself! You could use essential oils for the following reasons :

  • To Attain Your Skin Goals :

You can achieve the skin that you have desired for so long. Yes, it is possible. Just a few drops of argan oil or rosemary or tea tree oil on your face. And whoosh! You will get glowing, bright skin in no time. You can also experiment with different oils or try out some combinations. But make sure you go through the instructions that come along. As not all essential oils can suit your skin type.

  • To Cure Respiratory Disorders :

           Respiratory tract infections and sore throats can be treated by aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the inhalation of diluted essential through steam. For this, you can use drops of some essential oils like oregano oil, peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil. You could also chew a bud of clove and swallow the juice. This can help cure dry cough and cold.

  • To Prevent Cancer:

         Rosemary oil has a number of anti-cancer agents. Including it in one’s diet can help them prevent cancer.

  • To Reduce Cramps :

         Various oils like Peppermint Essential oil and Geranium Rose Essential oil can help to ease cramps. You can massage it on your lower abdomen while Aunt Flo is around and see the magic yourself.

  • To Improve Blood Flow :

          Some oils like Rosemary and eucalyptus oils can regulate blood flow. They can also improve your thinking power by boosting brain cells. Rosemary oil is famous for stimulating the Central Nervous System. This can make you feel more focused.

  • To Ward Off Anxiety Issues:

          Lavender Oil and Grapefruit oil sound so exciting. As exciting as their names, they can help to regulate proper sleeping pattern. Frankincense oil has powerful calming agents. While Lavender oil acts as a wonderful stress reliever, Grapefruit oil tries to bust your anxiety issues.

You won’t even need those sleeping pills once you use them, you would just need pillows!

  • To Treat Damaged Hair :

         Coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, cedarwood oil, thyme oil, lavender oil… The list goes on. Pretty much, most of the essential oils have the ability to treat damaged hair. While some can help to improve the scalp health. Others have proven to be able to make the hair breathe. Some oils also make the hair glossier and shinier.

  • To Boost Your Taste Buds:

          Oils like lavender oil, lemon oil, and some other oils can be added to the food. They provide an exclusive taste to your meal. This boosts your taste buds as flavors burst in your mouth.

  • To Soothe Wounds :

         Orange essential oil, Clove oil, and Oregano oil are powerful disinfectants. They can soothe wounds as well as sunburns. You can dab a few drops of these oils on your wounds to prevent infections.

  • To Boost Your Immunity :

Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary, Ginger, Garlic and Thyme oil can be used as immune boosters. They enter your body to improve the rate of metabolism. They also make you more immune to diseases.

  • To Improve Brain Health: Rosemary oil tackles your brainy side and stimulates your Central Nervous System (CNS). Eucalyptus oil, being a vasodilator can open your blood vessels. Hence it ensures better blood supply to the brain, making you brainier.

The Types Of Essential Oils :

There are huge numbers of essential oils, existing in nature. All of them are used for different purposes. Quite a lot of them are similar in properties too. Once you start using a couple of essential oils, you will feel like experimenting more with them. It’s not possible to mention the details about every single oil. However, we have tried our best to get you the most interesting facts about some of them.

  • Lavender Oil :

Lavender Oil is extracted from the lavender flowers, once they are dried. It acts as a wonderful stress buster. It also cures itches and burns rapidly. Lavender oil sends a sense of calmness in your system once you start using it. All the more, it can also boost an exclusive flavor if you add it to your cupcakes or brownies.

  • Eucalyptus Oil :

It reduces fever if applied on the chest and back of the neck. Due to its high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it also improves the blood flow in the brain.

Apart from these benefits, it is also working as reduces the chances of asthma attacks and cures respiratory tract infections.

  • Rosemary Oil :

It acts as a stress buster and can soothe the chaos in your mind in very little time. Rosemary oil is also a very good agent to improve the functioning of the brain. Due to this, brain health gets improved and your ability to focus will rise. Not only that rosemary oil is also very beneficial for the hair. It stimulates follicular growth. It also softens your scalp and improves your scalp health.

  • Orange Essential Oil :

This oil is extracted from the sweet fruit of orange. Surprisingly, this oil has greater benefits than it was assumed to have. It is a great disinfectant and it can heal wounds in no time. Providing this, it also prevents the body from bacterial or fungal infections. Due to its anti-aging properties, orange oil acts as a wonderful face mask. You can look after your skin well after you start using orange oil in your make-up kit.

  • Clove Essential Oil :

Clove is used as a primary spice. But do you know how many benefits it has? Firstly, it is a potent antifungal oil. It can fight a number of fungi hence preventing you from getting those fungal infections. You can chew a clove bud and it will help you combat the flu and also prevent you from getting a cough or a sore throat.

  • Oregano Essential Oil :

The oregano herb is warm in nature and is an amazing antibacterial. It is widely used to treat respiratory disorders including sore throats. Along with that, it also contains anti-aging and antioxidant properties. Make sure that if you are using it on your face, you dilute it. Otherwise, it can end up scathing your skin.

           Well, well, now our desire to eat yet another pizza has risen, isn’t it?

  • Lemon Essential Oil :

This oil is extracted from the skin of the lemon. It has a number of properties that are beneficial in nature. Firstly, it can help you to achieve your hair goals. It can do so by providing you with smooth and shiny hair. Not only that, but it can also be an effective anti-bacterial and prevent infections. Given that, it is also used in dish and cloth washing powders. Thus it is able to keep your utensils clean and your clothes germ-free and fragrant.

  • Argan Oil :

The list of essential oils is incomplete without the mention of argan oil. Also known as liquid gold, this oil is worth your precious bucks. It benefits your hair by improving its health. Also, it makes your skin glow and acne-free. Due to its 0 comedogenic rating, it is the most preferred oil. It makes your fixes your pores, thus making a perfect toner. No wonder why it is the most favorite of all essential oils.

  • Coconut Oil :

Found in every household, coconut oil holds a special place in our hearts. Apart from being a brilliant antioxidant and antibacterial, it is also used to improve hair health. This oil softens the scalp and reduces redness and rashes. It also makes the hair shinier, although sometimes it can be greasy if used in excess. Coconut oil slightly has a higher comedogenic rating of 2 and is believed to be not the right match for oily skin. But it can work magic on dry skin, giving it a proper moisturized look.

Other Uses Of Essential Oils:

Apart from using them for your body and bodily disorders, essential oils can also be used for multiple other reasons :

  • For Perfumes :

Most of the essential oils that are obtained from dried flowers have wonderful scents. Hence they are perfect raw material for perfumes. A lot of essential oils have been used in perfumery

  • In Soaps:

Soaps are loved when they smell good. These essential oils come to our rescue and help us indulge in the heavenly fragrance while bathing.

  • As Pesticides:

Oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, and peppermint oil have deterring effects on rodents and pests. Mostly afraid of their scent, insects and arthropods choose to stay away from plants treated with essential oils

  • In Food :

Many essential oils like lavender oil are used as flavoring agents in foodstuffs. Many oils like castor oil, cinnamon oil, sunflower oil, groundnut oil, etc are used in cooking food.

Benefits Of Essential Oils :

Following are the benefits of essential oils :

  • Immunity Booster: Essential oils have the capacity to boost your immunity as they have antioxidants, antibacterial agents in them.
  • Infection Fighter: Most of these oils have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Our body fights the infections due to boosted immunity. Hence, these oils guide our body to prevent infections.
  • Hormone Balancer: Some oils tackle with the cortisol levels of the body. This makes us relieve stress and enter into a sense of calmness. Oils such as thyme and geranium also control the progesterone and estrogen in our body. This can successfully cure PCOS and PMS symptoms.
  • Blood Flow Regulator: Essential oils if used correctly, can stimulate the rate of blood flow in the body. Some even have the potential to open blood vessels and accelerate their supply to the brain. This regulates the blood flow and boosts our immunity.

Methods To Use

There are mainly 3 methods for the application of essential oils.

  • Inhalation :

Inhalation also is known as aromatherapy, involves the addition of essential oil drops in a steamer or a vaporizer. Then the vapor inhaled can treat many symptoms such as sore throats, respiratory infections, etc.

  • Topical Application :

You can also use essential oils topically.

  1. Rub a few drops between your palms
  2. Massage the essential oils on the infected area
  3. Repeat the steps for effective results.
  • Oral Consumption :

Some of the essential oils can be ingested to treat internal illnesses. However, one must remember that not all the oils can be used orally.

Risk Factor

Although these oils are 100% natural, their effectiveness might vary from one person to another. Apart from this, you must always seek professional medical advice before consuming any of these essential oils.

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