Essential Oils Will Save You From The Havoc In Your Head!

Most of us deal with anxiety issues every day. Some of the other incident or accident can make us nervous or anxious about yourself. We have lost ourselves in the struggle to find some other things that don’t even matter in the end.

Now before you start feeling bored with my unintentional, sentimental monologue, let me find you a solution to most of the problems that exist in your head.

Essential oils have become quite famous for the work that they do. From health and wellness to the beauty industry, they are becoming the talk of the town day after day. Not just do their fantastic properties intrigue us, they are also very harmless if appropriately used. Essential Oils can be used for anxiety.

In this article, I will throw light on some really interesting essential oils for anxiety that have stolen the spotlight due to their amazing properties!

  • Lemon Essential Oil For Stress Relief:

It has been studied that this oil has stress and anxiety relieving properties. Not only that, its pleasing, citrus fruity smell can be really mood boosting. But while using this oil you are more prone to sunlight sensitivity. Hence you should make sure that you are applying loads of sunscreen before going out in the sun.

  • Rose Essential Oil To Enhance Mood :

Rose is known to have a smell that is pleasant and mood enhancing. This romantic flower is very beneficial in nature as its oil can be used to alleviate anxiety levels in a person. It can provide a kind of relaxation that is second to none. However, the effectiveness may vary from person to person.

  • Neroli Essential Oil For Insomnia:

Also known as orange blossom essential oil, this oil is produced from the bitter orange tree. This essential oil is known for treating insomnia and busts stress.

  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil For Anxiety :

This oil has some anti-stress properties. But more than that, it is believed and studied that this oil is very beneficial to boost a person’s confidence. After inhaling the scent of this oil, a person is guaranteed to feel great about themselves.

  • Clary Sage Essential Oil To Relieve Stress :

The stress-busting and anxiety relieving properties in this oil help a person to reduce stress and depression. Studies have also found out that inhaling this oil can decrease blood pressure and respiratory rate. It should be noted that these two phenomenons are directly linked to stress and anxiety.

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  • Bergamot Essential Oil For Relaxation :

It is produced by pressing the outer skin of the bergamot fruit. This oil has wonderful stress-relieving properties. This can help you to become a very stress-free person and can enable you to feel relaxed even in very stressful conditions.

  • Lavender Essential Oil For Enhanced Mood :

The anxiety-relieving properties present in this oil are very helpful to cure stress. Along with this, lavender oil also has the potential to relax muscles and reduce pain. So this oil does wonders for you when it comes to aromatherapy because of its ‘oh-so-fragrant’ scent.

How to use these oils :

  • Inhalation in aromatherapy.
  • Dilute them with a carrier oil and massage them on your skin.
  • Add them into your bath water.
  • Sit back and relax!
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