Hacks Of Using Essential Oils 

The essential oils have large contributions in the field of Ayurveda. They have been used in a lot of medicines since ancient times. In the historical period oils from different herbs and plants were used for ailments. We might witness the use of essential oils in our day to day life. They have become like a tradition in a few households. You will very commonly notice essential oils like eucalyptus, coconut, peppermint, etc used to cure common colds, headaches or muscle pain.

There are also many other ways in which essential oils can be used. Read the full article to get complete knowledge of the uses of essential oils.

Uses Of Essential Oils

There are different types of essential oils. Each has its own uses and benefits. You can make your choice based upon the problem you are facing. These are some uses of essential oils  depending on its type:

Lavender Oil-

The benefits and uses of lavender oil are as follows:

  • Reduces Stress and Relaxes the Mind– Lavender oil has a very soothing aroma which helps relaxes the mind. If you diffuse lavender oil into the air while sleeping it improves your breathing. This helps you get a sound sleep which eliminates stress.
  • Eliminates Itching and Treats Insect Bites– You can apply a few drops of lavender oil to the affected area. This helps reduce inflammation and redness of the skin. It works well and relieves you immediately from itching, swelling or irritation.
  • Useful for Burns- This oil has high moisturizing qualities which act as a cooling agent on burns. One can also use lavender oil by mixing it with aloe vera gel. It is very useful for sun protection.

Tea Tree Oil-

The benefits and uses of tea tree oil are as follows:

  • Treat Acne– Tea tree oil due to its high antibacterial properties is able to kill acne-causing bacteria. It has great anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce inflammation. Mixing the tea tree oil with coconut oil and applying it on the acne can be useful. Highly recommended for dry skin.
  • Reduce Dandruff- Due to its medicinal properties, it can kill the germs causing dandruff. It also moisturizes the skin of the scalp reducing the flakiness, dryness, sebum generation on the skin.

Orange Essential Oil-

The benefits and uses of orange essential are as follows:

  • Cold and Flu– It has a high concentration of vitamin C which boosts immune systems. Low immunity levels can be a major cause of cold and flu. Consuming orange essential oil can help you get rid of such problems.
  • Anti-aging- Orange essential oils can cure problems occur due to aging. It removes dark spots, hyperpigmentation, improves skin tone and texture.
  • Heals Mouth Ulcers– Mouth ulcers are proved to treat mouth ulcers very quickly. It can sting a little bit in the beginning.

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Lemon Essential Oil-

These are the benefits and uses of lemon essential oils are as follows:

  • Very Amazing Cleanser– Adding a drop of lemon oil to the dishwasher can result in amazing cleaning effects. It has been proved to remove dark spots.
  • Refreshing Aroma: Lemon oil has an amazing scent which makes you feel fresh and energetic. Adding a few drops of lemon oil to the bath can make you feel energetic throughout the day.

Peppermint Essential Oil-

The benefits and uses of this oil are as follows:

  • Great Mouth Freshener– Peppermint is a very good mouth freshener. It has a menthol present in it which has a great cooling effect. Saves you from bad breath.
  • Improves Respiratory Problems– It has anti-inflammatory properties which help eliminate nasal congestion. Adding a few drops of 4oil to water and taking steam can clear the respiratory tract. This results in improved breathing and health. It also cures the headache and relaxes your mind.
  • Reduces Swelling– People use peppermint oil for muscle and joint pain. Massaging the oil on the muscles and joints can reduce swelling.

All these were various types and uses of essential oils. It is important to select the appropriate oil depending on the health concern. Other types of essential oils are also available and they have different benefits.  Here are some very common types and uses of essential oils are stated.

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