Lemon Essential Oil-Help Your Body To Heal Itself 

Lemon Essential Oil, also known as, ‘Liquid sunshine’, this oil has numerous health and skin care benefits. Due to its refreshing and soothing qualities, it is been used as an astringent. The uses of this citrus fruit are been routined since ancient times. A dash of lemon to all drinks and beverages gives a refreshing and energetic effect. This refreshing oil is also used for aromatherapy. Let’s learn about its various benefits and uses. 

What Is Lemon Essential Oil? 

Lemon essential oil is extracted by cold-pressing the lemon peel that is the most nutritious part of the fruit. Being dense in phytonutrients, this marvelous oil is used for numerous things. This oil contains such antifungal and refreshing properties that have many skin and health benefits. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Oil? 

Asthma /Allergy 

It is proved that inhaling lemon essential oil helps to clear nasal passages and sinuses. It promotes stable breathing by improving air conditions with its magical aroma. 

Skin Care 

The lemon essential oil has detoxifying and antiseptic properties that help to remove all the toxins out of the skin making it bright, fresh and radiant. It works as an astringent on the skin. 

Mood Enhancer 

It is proved that the aromatherapy that this oil uses helps to feel fresh and light. The aroma relieves the ores of stress over the mind and gives you a restful sleep. 

Weight Loss 

This oil triggers the breakdown of fat in your body and the scent of this oil boosts the neurological activity. The lymph drainage and reduces hunger pangs. It makes you feel refreshed and hence is used as a flavor in weight loss supplements. 

Treats Alzheimer’s 

The aromatherapy of lemon essential oil has proved effective for many Alzheimer’s patients. It helps to improve the cognitive function and clears the blockage of a nerve that causes memory loss. 

Hair and Nail Care 

This oil has refreshing and antimicrobial properties that help to gain shine to your hair by refreshing the scalp. You can have healthy, fresh and dandruff-free hair. 


  • This oil is used as an insect repellent. If it is blended with other carrier oils then it becomes more effective. 
  • It is used to reduce fever caused due to infectious diseases like dengue, malaria. 
  • The refreshing aroma of lemon is used in making perfumes and also as a cleaning agent. 
  • It is also for wood polish. 
  • The oil is also used to heal cracked feet, bunions, callouses and corns. 
  • For soothing a sore throat, few drops of lemon essential oil with hot water and honey is good. 

What Are The Precautions To Be Taken While Using This Oil? 

  • It is very important to dilute the essential oil with any carrier oil before application. Not only lemon essential oil but all the essential oils.  
  • If this oil is sensitive to your skin, then wash it off immediately. Also, before using any oil first consult to your dermatologist. 
  • The essential oils should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. 
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then do not use this oil. 
  • Blending this oil with other essential oils makes it more safe and effective. 


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