Your entire knowledge about oils could actually be backed up more by what you’ve read incompletely or some random suggestions on the internet and this could pose a serious threat to your skin in case you apply this incomplete knowledge practically to your skin.  

Sure, oils are great because there are plenty of them for all skin types however, these are some really powerful ingredients so you should know some things well before using it. 

Generally, oils are extracted using different methods. Cold pressed oil is always better than the rest as it has been extracted carefully without exposure to strong heat that could actually destroy the essence of the oil.  

Oils For Skin 

Let’s classify oils on the basis of their uses and overall qualities: 

Plant Oil 

Extracted from the plant seeds or kernels these are amazing for the skin as they are boosted with antioxidants. Full of vitamins and nutrition these oils have skin healing properties. Oil-based serums or facial oils that are plant-based are the best oils you could ever put on your face. 

Essential Oil 

These can be simply termed as “fragrance oils”. Essential oils are very powerful and enriched with fragrance. They’re packed with a lot of various compounds however, they have a great potential to seriously irritate your skin! 

Never, ever directly apply undiluted essential oil straight to an acne or any skin area. Always dilute your essential oil before any application or it may come off as too strong.  

Some of the essential oils such as citrus or lavender may cause severe damage to the skin if applied before or during sun exposure as they are phototoxic in nature.  

Mineral Oil 

These are easily available at relatively lower cost. They’re primarily used in cosmetic products. Beware if you’re buying a luxury product with mineral oil in the top 10 ingredients as these come for a very less price. 

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Further Classification Of Oils 

Oils can be further classified considering their benefits for the skin. One of the main components of any oil is fatty acid ie; Linoleic / Oleic acid.  

Independent researchers have proven that people who were more prone to skin congestion and acne had lower levels of linoleic acid in their skin lipids. Oils consisting of linoleic acid are perfect for facial application as: 

  • They are much lighter in consistency. 
  • Studies have shown that a high amount of linoleic acid regulates the sebum consistency and prevents it from being gloopy or thick. 
  • They absorb faster and don’t sit on the face top clogging your pores. 
  • Balances sebum production and decreases breakouts 

 Oils For Oily Skin 

  • Tea Tree Oil (Anti-bacterial) 
  • Apricot Oil (Rich in anti-oxidants; Light texture) 
  • Argan Oil (High omega-6 fatty acids; Rich in antioxidants; non-comedogenic) 

Oils For Normal Skin: 

  • Argan Oil (Promotes a healthy cell regeneration) 

Oils For Dry Skin: 

  • Tsubaki/Camelia Oil (Rich texture; Perfect for itchy/inflamed skin) 
  • Argan Oil (Anti-Aging properties; perfect for dry and patchy skin) 

All the above oils are rich in the linoleic composition, however, always do a patch test before being regular with any product application. 

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