Argan oil seems like one of the most trending beauty products around the world, it is used for numerous reasons. Many brands use argan oil in their products, this is because it is very effective and has amazing properties.

Thus, argan oil is not cheap compared to other products and not everyone can afford to add it to their budget. This is because it is very hard to make a bottle of argan oil, its manufacturing process is very long and difficult.

Not many people know the history of argan oil, people still do not know where it comes from and why it is so effective. Some people say that argan oil is very expensive, but they do not know the reason behind it, they are not aware of its manufacturing process.

Today argan oil is mostly used for cosmetic purposes, but in ancient times, it was used for health and cooking purposes. Here in this post, we will see, where does argan oil come from, how it is manufactured, what its benefits are and why it is so effective.

Where Does Argan Oil Come From?

Argan oil is produced from the nut of the fruit, which grows on the small argan tree, it grows in the southern region of Morocco. Over there, it was traditionally used for cooking and to treat certain health conditions like digestion, inflammation, healing etc. Even today they use argan oil, to deal with any health issues and also, they use argan oil to dip bread in it.

Argan oil also plays an important part in morocco environment. It is so important that in 1998 Morocco government declared, the area where argan tree grows as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The reason behind this is, once the cosmetic companies come to know the amazing properties and benefits of argan oil, the manufacturing process of argan oil will start to rise, and this would lead to less production of argan oil trees.

Because not many people were willing to extract the argan oil from the fallen fruit, the majority of people were whacking the trees. This was affecting the environment of Morocco; thus, the Morocco government declared such a law.

Argan oil plays an important role in maintaining water resources and preventing soil erosion. And less argan tree was causing environmental issues, also argan oil helps in morocco economically.

How Argan Oil Is Manufactured?

The manufacturing of argan oil is a very complex and long process, argan oil is derived from the nuts of the fruit. These fruits grow on the argan tree and these nuts are surrounded by pulp, the nuts are shelled and thus, it is heavy. Within the nut there are three oil-rich argan kernels, to extract the oil from the kernel, workers dry the argan fruits

This process helps in removing the fresh pulp from the fruit, which surrounds the nutshell. However, there is a certain process, which removes the pulp without drying the argan fruit in the open air. After removing the pulp, they derive open by cracking the argan nut.

The next process is roasting, workers roast the kernels and once the argan kernels are cool, they extract oil from it by grinding. The whole process is done by hand. Because it is very hard to extract oil, with the help of machines. Thus, it is a very time-consuming process, but its manufacturing helps in increasing the employment ratio for the village people.

However earlier the manufacturing process of argan oil was different. As argan oil is not only used by people, but also by Moroccan goats, they climb up the tree just to eat argan fruit. Goat is not able to digest the nut present in this fruit and they deficit it. Then people collect the nuts from the poop because their digestion makes its nutshell easy to crack open. However, they do not use this method anymore.

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Why Argan Oil Is So Effective?

The reason why argan oil is so effective is due to its amazing properties, you can see the properties of argan oil below.

Major properties of argan oil are:

  • Palmitic 12%
  • Linolenic 0.5%
  • Oleic 42%
  • Linoleic 37%
  • Stearic 6%
  • Vitamin E
  • Carotenes
  • Squalene
  • Fatty acids
  • Phenols
  • Carotenes

The phenols of argan oils are:

  • Caffeic acid
  • Vanillic acid
  • Epicatechin
  • Oleuropein
  • Catechol
  • Catechin
  • Tyrosol
  • Resorcinol

What Are The Benefits Of Using Argan Oil?

Argan oil has amazing properties, which will help you in obtaining numerous benefits like:

  • Anti-aging
  • Skin moisturizer
  • Protection and healing
  • Soft Lips
  • Removes stretch marks
  • Skin conditions
  • Acne
  • Hair conditioner
  • Fight dermatitis
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Helps in digestion
  • Repairs split ends
  • Prevent hair thinning and hair loss
  • Strong nails
  • Fights cancer
  • Better skin

These are some of the many benefits which you will receive from argan oil.


Argan oil has been used since ancient time for cooking and health purposes, but not it has been used for numerous reasons. The high demand for argan oil has increased the work opportunities for women who stay in that region.

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Where Does Argan Oil Come From- Best Seller Of The Week -

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